I am the problem.

It ain't no use to talk to me; it's just the same as talkin' to you!

Peter Bruger is a neurobiologist and he’s actually talked about this before and he says that this ability of creative people to link and associate and prefer remote over close associations really gets to the heart of creative thinking but also paranormal and delusional thinking. Not that you have to be delusional in order to be creative and make all these patterns, but certainly there is a parallel there; in both instances that person is willing to run with the pattern recognition that they see and spin off even more patterns, which is one of the hallmarks of creativity.

Bruger also found a connection with levels of dopamine in people; he found that people with high levels of dopamine are more likely to find significance in coincidence and pick out meaning and patterns where there are none. In one trial in which skeptics and paranormal believers were both given the drug eldopa—which increases dopamine—the skeptics began to perform much more like the believers.

—Tracy V. Wilson in ‘The Science of Lucky Pants’